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Email offer 2015




Buy 9 identical softwood planters from our range below and receive a 10th FREE OF CHARGE

This is an email offer only and will not be promoted elsewhere or marketed through our sales team.


HCP - Hutton Corner Planter SHP/LRP - Small/Large Hexagonal Planters
LRP/SRP - Large/Small Hexagonal Planters L3-375/L3-400 - Small/Large Hexagonal Planters

L500/L1000 - Planter on Legs

DP1/DP2 - Deep Planter

GB1 - Grow Bag Planter

W500/W1000/W1500 - Wall or Window Box


Terms and conditions:

1. This offer is on a first come, first serve basis, while stocks last and is subject to availability.
2. Customers must order nine identical softwood planters and we will deliver an additional identical planter at the same time.
3. Offer valid until 14th August 2015.
4. Severn Valley Woodworks reserves the right to remove this offer without notice at any time.