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Environmental Benefits

Environmental Policy

The Management of Severn Valley Woodworks Limited recognises that it has a duty to reduce the environmental impact that its business may have.
It is recognised that this should be overseen at the highest level and therefore overall the Managing Director assumes responsibility.

Past, Present and Future
All present and future operations will be conducted in a manner, which impacts least on the environment. Where contamination has been caused in the past Severn Valley Woodworks has a firm ongoing commitment to remedy the situation. Contaminated land has already been cleared and the site is registered as a clean site.

Severn Valley Woodworks is firmly committed to implement and meet all regulatory requirements.

Severn Valley Woodworks will seek to provide as much information as possible on environmental matters. An open invitation exists to customers to conduct their own environmental audit.

Areas Covered
• Reducing environmental impact - water, air emissions and source of raw materials.
• Reducing Waste - water, raw materials during process, power, fuel etc.
• Reducing the environment impact of transport - car fleet, haulage.
• Reducing noise impact.

Supply Chain
Where a choice of supply is available to the company the most environmentally friendly one will be used whenever possible.

Staff Training
Severn Valley Woodworks will provide staff training and keep their employees informed on environmental issues.
This Policy Statement, together with its associated procedures and arrangements, will be subject to a continuous review in order to reflect current business activities.

FSC® & PEFCTM Certificates

To view copies of our certificates please use the following links

FSC Certificate

PEFC Certificate


On 3rd March 2013 the EU Timber Regulations came into effect which prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber onto the EU market.

The regulations define two distinct types of participants in the timber market; operators and traders.

Operators are those who first place timber products on the EU market and are required to exercise 'due diligence'.

Traders are those who buy or sell timber and timber products already on the market and are required to keep information about their suppliers and customers to make timber easily traceable.

Severn Valley Woodworks is both an Operator and a Trader and exercise due diligence to make sure timber has been legally harvested.

Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

 To view our Slavery & Human Trafficking statement click here.