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Garden & Hardware News reviews Hutton Garden and Landscaping's latest offering of beautiful bird tables

Severn Valley Woodworks Ltd is a recognised leading supplier of high quality timber and timber products. The company's success has allowed it to branch out from its humble beginnings as a coffin maker in 1970 to a successful business providing high end products to trade buyers. The company has begun designing, creating and selling high quality garden furniture and structures which include tables, chairs and bird tables, under its Hutton Garden and Landscaping products brand. The latest additions to the company's range are four new beautifully crafted bird tables and care range. The bird tables are manufactured from FSC Certified timber and pressure treated with Tanalith E to withstand rot and insect attack which gives the products a service life of 15 years. The Windsor bird table (pictured) is a fantastic example of Hutton's high Quality manufacturing. Sturdy and striking it would look fantastic in any garden. With its clean, neat design the range offers the consumer the opportunity to varnish the product any colour they wish to complement their Garden. David Twigg, Director, Said: "Our British made Hutton Garden Products continue to expand and this year we launched 11 new additions at the GLEE show, in particular we are excited by the new bird table range as we look to establish ourselves in that sector as a major manufacturer."

Garden & Hardware News October 2013


Singing the praises of new bird table range

GTN has had an Ascot bird table from GLEE exhibitors Hutton Garden Products on trial for several weeks and we believe they're onto a really winner with this 2014 range.
For a start, the four new free-standing designs are made in Britain from treated FSC Softwood, Which should play well with consumers, especially when they see the prices. Thanks to the use of innovative machinery and the latest technology at their Gloucestershire facility, the efficiencies of volume product means trade prices can start at £30, so good value retail price points can be achieved without sacrificing margin.
We like the 'artificial slate' roof on our Ascot, the decorative detailing and sturdy base. If there's a small criticism, it's that the lack of a protective rim around the shelter makes it easy for pigeons to raid food to the detriment of smaller birds.
Otherwise, it scores highly and, with a projected service life of 15 years, is an easy line to promote.

Garden Trade News October 2013



Bird Table Test
Bird tables are a great way to attract wild birds into the garden and they provide a safe and secure place to leave food out for the birds during the cold winter months. GCU tries out one of the latest, the Henley from Hutton Garden Products to see what our featured friends make of it.
According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), a bird table will be at its most popular and valuable when natural food is in short supply; usually from October to April. At the end of the winter there are natural signs that tell you when you can stop feeding: the appearance of large numbers of insects and the buds on the trees starting are open are good guides.

Regular visitors
The bird table can be left in position all year round, but bringing it in out of the weather during the summer will prolong its life. If you wish to continue feeding birds during the spring and summer, current thinking is that this will cause no harm as long as hard foods are avoided.
If you enjoy watching birds, consider providing more varied feeding stations to attract more species such as finches, buntings and sparrows.
Providing sunflower seeds will help them. They are eagerly taken and unlikely to be harmful if given to the young in the nest. If it takes a few days before you see any birds, don't be discouraged. Once the birds discover the food and convince themselves it is not a trap, they will visit regularly.

Table Tested
So that's the theory, but how effective are bird tables in practice? To find out we decided to try the latest from Hutton Garden Products which is called 'The Henley'.
The posh sounding Henley bird table is new to the bird care range for 2014 from Hutton Garden Products. It is topped off with a great looking artificial slate roof that also provides protection from the elements. The free standing structure features a square tray with an apex roof, all finished to an exceptional standard, including a number of decorative elements. Manufactured using FSC Certified Timber, the wood is pressure treated with Tanalith E to withstand rot and insect attack; this gives a low maintenance, minimum service life of 15 years outside.
Standing at 1.72m, the Henley bird table is an excellent natural feature for a garden and can be used to support the natural British birdlife. The base is 67.5cm square and is a sturdy support made from softwood. Manufactured in Hutton Garden Products' UK factory in Gloucestershire, the Henley is one of four new bird tables in the range and one of 14 new garden products launching for 2014.
During the time we had the Henley bird table on trial in our own garden it took a while for the birds to pluck up the courage to visit the new structure that had appeared in their habitat, but before long they learnt to trust it and soon started enjoying the seed we left out for them. An inquisitive robin was the first to venture onto the table and he was soon followed by a blue tit, some blackbirds and even a wood pigeon, proving that a bird table can attract a wide variety of birds and that the Henley can withstand visits from even the largest birds.
All in all we were very pleased with the results from the Henley which is not only an attractive addition to the garden, but more importantly it proved popular with our feathered friends as well.

GCU October 2013