Severn Valley Woodworks

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Supplying quality British made timber products from sustainable sources.

Sourcing Timber and Chain of Custody

Sourcing Timber
Severn Valley Woodworks operate in partnership with three Swedish, three Finnish and two Russian sawmilling companies.

Our supply base has an annual production capacity of over one million cubic metres split between spruce and pine.

Buying from Sweden, Finland and Russia allows us to maintain regular supply of quality redwood and minimise the impact of unfavourable exchange rates of timber pricing.

We strive to play our full part in achieving vertical integration from forest to end user with the aim of maximising all the benefits available for our customers.

Chain of Custody
Forest Certification is a mechanism for managing our forests within the principles of sustainable development. The two main international schemes are FSC® and PEFC. Chain of Custody is the paperwork flow through the chain, from the forest to the final retailer or merchant to prove that the timber in the product is derived from well-managed resources. To claim that the timber is certified all links in the chain from the forest through to the application have to have an audited Chain of Custody process. The company has to show traceability, which means it can identify and track certified timber through its operations. It can also be used to provide traceability for schemes which verify that the wood comes from legal sources. Severn Valley Woodworks Ltd holds chain of custody for both FSC® and PEFC schemes.

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