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Stable Coat


Maintaining your Displays

with Protek Stable Coat



Hopefully you would agree that display items are an important part of the selling process especially when attracting customers to make that purchase. Unfortunately weathered or poor displays can have the adverse effect of killing visitors’ interest quickly.

I can say that our stockists who maintain good quality displays throughout the season tend to sell more product than most as the season progresses.

We have recommended Restol as a product which maintains our pressure treated items in almost pristine condition as well as offering them further levels of protection against the elements, specifically through providing a barrier against water ingress that can cause cracking as well as general weathering. Restol is produced by the manufacturers of the Tanalith we use in the pressure treatment process – it is good but it is also very expensive.  Our Hutton brand marketing partners in protective coatings are Protek, as well as being the main distributors for Restol they also have a range of other more reasonably priced products that provide excellent protection at much lower cost. In terms of display models we would jointly recommend Protek Stable coat (pale green shade), this not only gives protection against water ingress but also provides excellent UV protection to slow the weathering and general aging process. 

We have run trials at our factory for 6 months on products left exposed to the elements. We applied the Protek pale green stable coat to various items which were already pressure treated and found that initially you couldn’t tell what had been coated and what was just pressure treated, after a few months the coated areas of products looked the same whilst the areas which were just pressure treated started to weather as normal.

Displays work, well maintained displays will work much longer leading to more sales therefore we would recommend a small investment in time and money now on your display products will reap rewards in the longer term.

Protek have agreed to offer all Hutton stockists a discount from their trade price list for use on Hutton product displays, they will also be happy to discuss stockist terms with you if you feel appropriate.

Click here to read a description sheet covering stable coat and Protek will be happy to help with any further questions you may have (their contact details are on the sheet). I would not be writing to you if we didn’t feel this was an excellent product which would extend the service life of your displays and so generate greater sales.

Click here to view our Maintenance Videos.