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Anti-Slip Decking



Anti-Slip Decking

The desirability for timber decking continues to grow, but decking can become extremely slippery when wet. Anti-Slip decking has been developed to make it a much safer environment.

Many decking suppliers can supply you with an anti-slip decking but not many will have it as a standard product in stock as we do.  

Our anti-slip decking has a specially formulated mixture of resin and aggregate mechanically inserted within the grooves, sitting a little proud of the timber.  On application, the resin and aggregate mix becomes an integral part of the timber decking product, providing a highly effective anti-slip property to both wet and dry decking, whilst fully retaining the natural characteristics of the timber.



     Can withstand the heaviest of commercial use.


    Tested in accordance with BS7976:2002.


    Available in a variety of lengths from stock


   Long term performance

Combined with our pressure treatment we can also offer a 15 year treat-right warranty which covers the failure of these timbers from wood decay and insect attack giving you and your customers total confidence in their long term performance.

* Fully Tested & Approved

Tested in accordance with BS7976:2002, the product has been officially recognised as being highly anti-slip* in both dry and wet conditions with a typical minimum PTV of 71 when wet.*

The manufacturing process is indipendently QA audited and is compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

*PTV's of 30 or above are categorised as anti-slip