Bespoke Manufacturing

Plant Display Stands

Severn Valley Woodworks work in collaboration with a number of key partners and customers to provide a bespoke manufacturing service. 

These are relationships that have been built up over many years based on confidentiality, integrity, and the knowledge, skill, and expertise that Severn Valley Woodworks offer.

These include:

Bulk Manufacturing

Many of these customers have approached Severn Valley looking for an answer to their manufacturing needs following recommendations from others. To complement its human resource Severn Valley Woodworks has invested heavily in its plant and machinery to enable it to offer a one stop shop to a variety of customers operating in a vast array of sectors.

Plant Display Stands

We work in partnership with the largest supplier of plant display stands in the UK. Together we produce stands for garden centres and garden nurseries that provide both versatile displays and safe working areas. The display stands we manufacture come in a range of standard designs and sizes created by our customer to suit their specific requirements. All are manufactured from Softwood pressure treated timber to give a long and low maintenance service life.

Walling Systems

Pressure treated timber can be used to create natural yet very durable engineered walling systems. The lightweight interlocking crib components form a series of open cell modules, which are then filled with stone to create the mass required to counteract the earth pressures and surcharge loadings. These structures are used in a wide range of civil engineering projects.

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