Golf Driving Ranges

Golf Driving Range
Golf Driving Range

CHALLOW timber golf driving ranges are designed and manufactured in house, utilising the expertise and knowledge gained from over 50 years in the timber building industry.

Using a Challow driving range is one of the best ways for a golfer to significantly improve the accuracy of their golf performance and will provide an all-weather practice facility that can be used throughout the year.  The facility will appeal to people of all ages and skill levels and will offer the chance to improve their game and optimise their time by not having to cover an entire golf course.

Challow timber framed ranges are generally constructed as a monopitch building with an upper front oversail.  The use of timber for the structure means the range will have an inherent warmth and appeal that provides a real aesthetic advantage when compared to steel framed ranges. The structure is further enhanced by a coloured roof which enables the building to blend into any rural setting.

Spans can vary up to 4.88m, with an upper oversail of up to 2.0m.  The height at the rear of the range is generally 2.66m and has a standard roof pitch of 15°, giving ample clear internal height at the actual driving position.  Our standard designs have either 6.0m or 7.0m bays, each bay providing two driving positions when bay dividers are installed.  Longer buildings usually incorporate two symmetrical kicks or kicks on every bay to form an arched range – both enhance the appearance of the building and balance the actual driving distance when in use.

Our standard design uses pressure treated shiplap boarding for the external cladding, with chevron boarding above.  Other various cladding options are available.

The roof is a box profile plastic coated steel sheeting in a choice of colours to compliment the environment.

Timber bay dividers are available, usually clad both sides with exterior grade plywood or with pressure treated TGV boarding, complete with capping rails along the top edge.  Alternatively coloured netted bay dividers can be used.  If a tuition bay is to be incorporated into the range, then a full height and width timber divider with personnel access door can be accommodated.

A lean-to off the rear of the range may be a consideration if you want to house a lobby and ball management equipment.