Drying Floors

CHALLOW  …  The original crop storage specialist first established in 1975, has been supplying complete integrated systems for all crop drying and storage needs for over 45 years.

The Challow drying floor has advantages over others on the market that are unique to Challow.  All components are manufactured in our own factory and are produced in palletised sections that screw together on site (see photograph below).  This drastically cuts the on-site installation time and allows for ease of maintenance and re-location at a later date if required.

Drive-on Drying Floors – Design Variations

Design A1

Challow are the only company that offers the option of a folded metal mesh strip in lieu of a flat mesh insert.  This design produces a near flush surface which means minimal cleaning is required between crops.  To achieve this feature without impairing the strength, the floor plates are machined to a unique profile and the expanded metal inserts are pressed to suit.  These features make it our most popular floor design.

 Diagram of Challow drying floor plates
Challow A1 floor plate design

Available as:
A1H – which has Hardwood floor plates.
A1S – which has Kiln Dried Redwood/Whitewood floor plates.

Design A2

This design uses flat expanded metal inserts and to leave sufficient timber above the groove for strength purposes, the metals are set deeper below the surface.  This does mean that more grain will be retained in the groove than the A1 design but you may consider the saving in cost worthwhile.

Diagram of Challow drying floor
Challow A2 floor plate design

Available as:
A2H – which has Hardwood floor plates.
A2S – which has Kiln Dried Redwood/Whitewood floor plates.

All Challow A1 and A2 design floors are assembled on pressure treated softwood bearers and on every floor unit there is a  removeable pre-fabricated panel (lift-out section) which allows for easy cleaning and removal of dust and debris between crops. 

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