Thorndown Wood Paint



It’s easy to transform and protect any timber surface with Thorndown Wood Paint. Allowing you to be as creative as you like with it. Whether you paint straight from the tin or choose to mix colours or dilute it for a stain effect we just want it to be fun.

  • Long lasting UV protection
    Great core colour range – 70 heritage and modern colours + 1800 RAL colours available
  • One wood paint product for any timber application; interior, exterior, softwood & hardwood
  • Clear with added UV blocking protection to keep wood looking good longer
  • Transparent wood colours
  • Opaque and semi opaque paint colours
  • Grain visible with a delicate and beautiful satin finish
  • Very strong bond with timber
  • Water repellent, micro-porous, and frost resistant
  • Coats metal and plastic including uPVC window frames
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • Strong resistance to UV degradation and colour fade – strong VOC free architectural exterior grade colour pigments
  • Mix colours together easily to create your own shades
  • Mix with UV Clear to make more transparent or dilute with water (up to 50%) for a wood stain effect


Painted Hutton Herefordshire Arbour in a garden setting
2 seater Hutton Cotswold bench painted and in a garden setting
Hutton Dean Companion seating painted in a garden setting


Thorndown Wood Paint has been created so that 1-2 coats is all you need to colour and protect.

Painting a timber arbour with Thorndown wood paint not only protects the timber from the damaging effects of UV and weather, but instantly creates a stunning centrepiece to be admired.

Made with great quality pressure-treated timber, our Triangular Corner Arbour is perfect for those corners that can become a wasted space.

Minimal prep was required but there is always a check list you need to run through before painting.

  • sand off any rough patches that will show or affect the finish
  • remove any surface residue from the pressure-treatment process
  • apply a knotting agent or stain-blocking primer to prevent possible staining of the paint coating – or don’t worry about it and let nature take it’s course
  • make sure the surface is clean. Wash off any dirt with soapy water or use a pressure-washer to blast off persistent dirt or algae. Washing with a light bleach/water solution will help to kill off algae
  • make sure timber is dry otherwise coatings won’t fix properly to the timber affecting performance and longevity
  • check the weather to make sure rain isn’t forecast for at least 24 hours to allow plenty of time for the paint to dry and fix/bond properly
  • get some Thorndown Wood Paint, a brush (roller or sprayer) and something nice and cold to reward yourself with after

Creating a bright, fresh feel for what can be a dark corner. Parlyte Green is definitely a bright fresh green with a soft pastel edge that works wonderfully paired with the rich creamy Bath Cream. A colour combination that harks back to the Victorian era and still works brilliantly today.

Different moods are created with a change of styling from a bright, vibrant, busy party scene, to a more relaxing scene of natural and muted colours that make you just want to sit down and switch off.


The large Herefordshire Arbour creates a perfect statement piece for the whole family to enjoy. We painted it in the pretty Peregrine Blue Wood Paint which has a lovely lilac undertone to it. Contrasted with Bath Cream Wood Paint on the fascias and decorative trellis work the large blocks of colour were broken up and a cottage garden look created.

Again only two coats are needed to provide stunning colour and a long-lasting protective coating that will last up to 10 years.

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