Anti-Slip Decking

Say goodbye to slippery decking!

Fallen leaves and organic debris, algae growth and wet weather means without regular maintenance decking can become quite slippery underfoot.

Innovative non-slip decking from Severn Valley Woodworks using the latest anti-slip technology creating a deck that even works through snow and ice, ensuring safe use all year round.

Combining natural timber decking with two hardened aggregate non-slip infills, a stylish looking deck can be achieved that delivers peace of mind throughout the year.

Grooved profiles are available in 2 sizes – Ex 32mm x 125mm or Ex 38mm x 125mm, with 2 non-slip aggregate infills.

Key Customer Benefits:

  •  15 year Treated-Right warranty

  • Sustainably sourced timber

  • No extra cleaning required

  • Quick & easy to install using nails or screws

  • Ideal for steps, ramps & walkways

  • Compliments existing decking range

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) preferred method for confirming the resistance of Anti-Slip Decking is through the pendulum test (PTV), which works by swinging a mechanical foot acting like somebody’s heel striking the surface.

HSE gives 3 categories of risk for PTV scores to be measured against:

Anti-Slip Decking supplied by Severn Valley Woodworks achieves the minimum required at the highest PTV and therefore has low risk value.