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Challow Crop Dryimng and Storage

Drive-on Drying Floors - Design Variations
In addition to the well established advantages the Challow Drive-on Drying Floor allows its user, we now offer the further advantage of choice in design detail.
The alternatives are briefly illustrated below to allow you to make your own choice.

Design A1
This design produces a near flush surface requiring minimal sweeping to clean between crops. To achieve this feature without impairing the strength, the floor plates are moulded to a particular section and the expanded metal pressed to suit. These processes make it a more expensive floor.

Available as:
A1H - which has Hardwood floor plates.
A1S - which has Kiln Dried Redwood/Whitewood floor plates.

Design A2
This design uses flat expanded metal inserts and to leave sufficient timber above the groove for strength the metals are set deeper below the surface. More grain will be retained in the groove than the Design A1 but you may consider the saving in cost worthwhile.

Available as:
A2H - which has Hardwood floor plates.
A2S - which has Kiln Dried Redwood/Whitewood floor plates.

On all A1 and A2 design floors, a removable pre-fabricated panel in each floor unit is provided for removal of dust and small trash between crops. All floors are assembled on pressure treated softwood bearers.



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