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Timber Treatment



To help ensure a long term performance of all our timbers, they are preservative treated as standard, although untreated timbers can also be supplied, if required. We can also offer service treatments for customers own timbers.

Within our pre-treatment operation we utilise latest generation TANALITH wood preservative from Lonza Wood Protection.

This renowned preservative gives a proven, outstanding performance, particularly for timbers intended for use in ground contact applications and all our timbers are treated to this end use category.

From our three on-site treatment plants, with a capacity to treat around 200m3 of timber per day, we can offer a choice of traditional pale green coloured TANALISED treated timber or, alternatively, a rich brown coloured TANATONE treated timber, ideal for fencing and landscaping applications.

Timber Treatment Process

Watch a video of the TANALITH treatment process.



Treat-Right Warranty

The use of latest generation TANALITH wood preservative, together with the quality timber species we use and our production procedures, gives us the confidence to offer a 15 year Treat-Right performance warranty on certain species of our Use Class 4 ground contact timbers, if specified at the point of order and confirmed in writing.

We also now offer a 15 year Treat-Right performance warranty of our range of Use Class 3 out of ground contact pine deck boards and claddings as well as our full range of Hutton garden products.

For full details of the Treat-Right warranty click here.


Use Classes
Use Classes are defined by British and European Standards, providing a guide to the risk of decay and insect attack to timber components, depending upon their end use. The higher the Use Class, the higher the level of preservative protection required. SVW treat all our timbers to meet either Use Class 3 or 4.

   1  Internal building timbers with no risk of wetting or condensation.
   2  Internal building timbers with a risk of wetting or condensation.
   3  External building, fencing and landscaping timbers used out of ground contact.
   4  External building, fencing and landscaping timbers used in ground contact.





Click here to download a pdf of the Treated Timber User Guide

Click here to read the Biocidal Products Regulation information for our treated timber.