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Did you know

In the last two years Severn Valley Woodworks have machined a volume of softwood which if expressed in terms of a standard shed cladding product would stretch from our factory in Gloucester to Adelaide in Australia covering a distance of 10,206 miles.

Hutton has supplied products to some interesting destinations over the years, the record stands at 4,132 miles with a shipment to Barbados although in July we were passed an enquiry from one of distributors in Scotland on the basis we were nearer…

…the enquiry was from Sydney in Australia. The distance from Inverness to Sydney is 10,456 miles, the distance from Gloucester to Sydney is 10,637 miles so obviously we passed the enquiry back to them.

Next year will see the 10th anniversary of Hutton Garden Products becoming an approved supplier to the H&B buying group where we have served member companies throughout the UK.

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