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Your Hutton displays

We know that stockists invest money in having displays of product, it’s therefore vitally important that these displays work hard and generate the necessary return throughout the entire selling season.

Hutton pressure treated softwood products use the latest generation preservatives to protect against decay and fungal attack. Pressure treatment does not offer any protection against moisture ingress or the natural ageing from the sun, for this we recommend that a water-repellent coating be applied to add that final layer of defence and to preserve the colour and maintain the effectiveness of your display throughout the selling season.

Water ingress can cause damage by swelling the timbers, when dry splits and cracks can appear, applying a waterproofing coating in pale or light green protects the timber from this and at the same time reduces the effect of bleaching and the colour fading to a grey colour.

Details of other handy hints can be found in our latest brochure or click here for the web version Hutton Handy Hints, Protecting your display of softwood furniture should definitely be on your “To – Do” list

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